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Wardrobe Malfunction

On Monday, Liz and I had an event to attend for work, following that we had to head straight to the airport for our flight to Stavanger. I was running a little late to meet Liz and was dragging myself, our icky garbage bag, my luggage (which contained my all important computer), and my work bag/purse down four flights of stairs all while wearing heels.

On the landing between the first and second floors I realized I had forgotten the hair dryer and hair straightener (scoff if you want but women, who need to look professional on a daily basis, need to carry these sort of things). So back up to the fourth floor I went. On the way back down I grabbed my suitcase, the trash, my purse and headed down the last flight. My lack of gracefulness struck on the third to last step and as I was tumbling all I could think was, “Shit! My computer!!” I attempted to break the fall of my suitcase as much as possible, manage not to [totally] eat it. When I stood up straight and took a step I realized something felt a little off. 

I looked down and…

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I ripped my shoe. Well, both shoes to be exact. Luckily, my overpacking ways were actually to my advantage in this instance. I ran up the four flights again, switched shoes (to thankfully my nicer, fully intact pair), walked carefully back down and headed out the door. I arrived at the event sweaty and a little out of sorts, but I made it!

Our trip to Stavanger was short but fun. It’s a beautiful little town with cobblestone streets (not good for pair of shoes number two) but I really enjoyed it. The weather was grey and overcast but during some of our meetings I got glimpses of the beautiful fjords. Too bad I couldn’t take a couple photos during—I think that’s bad business etiquette—but here are the best ones I did manage to take (I told you it wasn’t such nice weather!).

So many enormous ships!

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