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Fortune Telling

I feel like I often begin sentences with, “I’ve had the good fortune to…” which is fortunately the case for me a lot of times. I’m not trying to brag (well, maybe a little) but luckily, sometimes I’ve had really good timing.

My birthday was one of those instances. I got to see Beirut (one of my faves) play at First Ave in Minneapolis. A week later it was my friend Jack's birthday, and we got to see our fave Bon Iver play in Chicago. Due to Jack's brother's cleverness, we even moved up to the second row (a la Pitchfork in Paris). The show was amazing (once again) and I felt more fortunate than ever to have seen Bon Iver twice in one year.

Jack and I drove back to Minneapolis on Monday where we had to drive through Justin Vernon’s (who is the lead of Bon Iver) hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He was playing the first of two homecoming shows that night, despite the shows having sold out months prior, Jack and I decided to test our luck. We arrived early enough to get our spirits down about the prospects of entering the show. After a pitcher of beer (mostly me, Jack still had to drive) and some delicious grilled cheeses we headed over to the venue one last time. Jack and I were prepared to pay semi-top-dollar to go to this show. Due to some sleuthing on my part (and by that I mean the scalper flashing his extra tickets to anyone and everyone) we approached. The following was our interaction:

Jack: Do you have any tickets?

Scalpy (the Scalper): Yeah man, how many do you need.

Jack: Two. How much do you want for them.

Scalpy: Face.

Jack: I beg your pardon?

Me: Are you SERIOUS? What’s that, like 25 dollars?

Scalpy: Twenty two.

Jack: Seriously?

Scalpy: Yes, I’ve been standing out here for two hours without anything so I’m happy just to get rid of them.

Me: Are these real tickets?

Jack: We’ll take them.

Scalpy: Man, I should have started at a higher price, you guys probably would have paid it.

Then, Jack and I did something that will forever solidify us into the “wost-scalpers-ever” category. We paid more. Only one dollar more than he asked (only by a dollar!)—we each gave him 23 because we felt a little bad for the guy. I know, pitying a scalper.

But, the real story is that Jack and I got to go to a Bon Iver concert, for the second time in four days, in the band’s hometown.

I may have not gone gracefully into 25, but maybe 25 won’t be so bad. Just so long as I get to keep starting my sentences with, “I’ve had the good fortune to…”

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